Alden Richards and Yayadub’s Date of the year

Before the actual date happened, Alden Richards shows respect to the Family of Maine (Yayadub) who is also watching live on the set. He greeted the family of Yayadub and assured them that he’s feelings is sincere to their daughter.

yaya 9

Finally, the long wait is over, Yayadub and Alden met and shared a meal together in a long table. Well, I’m pretty sure everyone is a bit disappointed with the long table but its better than being separated by a mere screen or a wall.

yaya 10

After the show, Tweets from Maine (Yayadub) and Alden Richard’s Father caught our attention. This seems like the whole acts is starting to get real!

yaya 12

yaya 11

Now that the two met face to face, what will happen next? Will they continue to like each other? This is indeed the date of the year! Better watch out for next week’s episode next week!.