8 Books to Beat a Broken Heart

4.  Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

Nothing else spells GIRL POWER in a book other than Eat, Pray, Love! Following a failed relationship and deep depression, author Elizabeth Gilbert decides to leave the comforts of her home to find herself. This memoir documents her travails and self-discovery as she sets foot on different terrains. From the sumptuous meals of Italy, to soul-searching in one of India’s most sacred ashrams, and finally ending with a surprising love affair in Bali, let this book inspire you to start your own quest to healing. Who knows, you might find yourself face to face with fate as told by Ketut and usher in a new love.

5. I Kissed Dating Goodbye – Joshua Harris

Have you been on and off the dating scene, often left with a stinging pain in the heart? Well, it’s probably time to give it a break. Grab this book by Joshua Harris and read about the Christian views on dating. The author is pointblank honest on challenging the various motivations present with regard to dating and injects ideas based on the Bible.