8 Books to Beat a Broken Heart

2. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

Not all break ups involve two people breaking up, literally. Some heartbreak are brought about by lasting love only to be cut short by life’s inevitable end. The Fault in Our Stars is a celebration of an undying love between Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace. John Green’s writing is filled with true-to-life emotions that will leave you soaking up your sheets with tears at night—a good reason to cry your heart out if you’re tired of crying over whoever is responsible for bringing tears to your eyes.

3. Humans of New York – Brandon Stanton

What started out as a photography hobby and blog in 2010 has now become a #1 New York Times Bestseller. You might be wondering why this is even on the list. HONY is a beautiful compilation of people’s real stories. The imagery and bluntness of the captions capture the true emotions of the subjects, to which, somehow and at some point, you might find yourself being able to relate to. The book is a good reminder that whatever we are going through in life, we are not the only ones experiencing it. Skim through the pages and you might just find a nugget of learning that can soothe your broken heart.