25 Exceptionally Clever Mashed-Up Words That We Should Add in the Dictionary

The English language is far cry from the amazing language that it once was. Now, everything is slang and also abbreviated which makes a lot of people sad because they miss many awesome words.

Words hold a lot of power whether we realize it or not. We often find ourselves respecting other people more when they have a more expansive and expressive vocabulary. It’s amazing how much a word can change after a few decades. Some definitions have only changed slightly while others now mean the complete opposite of what they used to mean.

We all know that language does evolve and it’s always fun to learn new words or phrases. In our world today, it seems that speech has become so complex, yet we are still creating new words to express ourselves and some of them are really clever combos that seem like they actually might be really useful.  It’s never too good using words that we are used to because it’s becoming all too basic.

Here are 25 exceptionally clever mash-up words we should add to a dictionary and most of these words come from the Urban Dictionary:

1. Hiberdating


2. Masterdating


3. Bedgasm


4.  Askhole