15 Unique Schools in the World

School of the Future

The Microsoft School of the Future is located in Philadelphia. It aims to sightsee ways for students to prepare for success on the digital and global economy. Students and teachers use computers rather than pen and papers. All assignments were to be done on computers where classroom instructions and textbooks were also found. They even have digital lockers that uses a student’s ID card as a key.


Junior Devon Doram, 16, waits for his laptop during laptop distribution at the School of the Future in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday, September 17, 2009. Most times students have the same laptop from year to year after refurbishments are made at the beginning of the year. For Education Week / Jason Rearick

Philadelphia School of the Future Philadelphia Problem: Access to technology is unevenly distributed, with children in wealthier school districts having better access to computers and the Internet. Solution: In September, 2006, the School of the Future, a collaboration between Microsoft and the city of Philadelphia, opened in West Philadelphia. Each student is given a tablet PC to use at school and home. Of the original 170 students, about 99% were minorities and 85% came from low-income families. Another crop of about 175 students is set to enter the school on Sept. 10. The school's goal is to offer a more personalized learning experience and to encourage college attendance.