15 Unique Schools in the World

School is cool. It is a place where we go to learn and help us become productive and happy adults in the future. If there were no school existed we wouldn’t know how to read or write or how to do anything. For sure, the world would be a terrible place without education. Check out these some of the world’s unique schools you won’t believe exist.

Cave School

The Cave School is located in Guizhou, China and is one of the poorest provinces where there is water and food shortages due to massive desertification and drought. These shortages also affected the education of many children in Guizhou. The Miao people in the Southern part of Guizhou opened an elementary school in a cave and named it, Mid-Cave Primary School. The school had eight teachers and 186 students. The school’s headmaster even said that the school’s environment id perfect for instruction in geology. In early 2011, the Chinese closed the school because according to them, China is not a society of cavemen.