15 Superhuman With Real Superpowers

Liew Thow ‘Magnetized Man’

He can stick metallic things to his body like a magnet. Liew Thow is a 70 year old man. His amazing ability to do this was just recently discovered.


In Kuala Lumpur lebt Liew Thow Lin, der Magnet-Mann. Der als "Mr. Magnet" bekannte 77-Jährige tritt regelmäßig mit seinen ungewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten auf.



Natasha Demkina ‘X-Ray Vision’

She is from Russia and is famously called ‘Girl with X-Ray eyes’. She was 10 years old when she discovered she has this ability. In 2004 Discovery Channel initiated a study asking her to identify the medical condition of six people by just looking at them. She was able to correctly diagnose 4 out of 6.