15 Of The Oddest Sports Ever Created

Sport is good for you. It surely doesn’t just give you physical benefits but it’s also a great way to socialize, have fun, improve your wellbeing and be fit. It helps you look and feel good about yourself. A lot of people have been a fan of traditional sports such as basketball, hockey, football and a lot more. But there are also some sports that don’t fit into the traditional category but are still considered sport and they may be a little weird. Here are 15 oddest sports that exist in the world.

Train Surfing

Train surfing popular in South Africa and it is the act of hitching or climbing onto the side or top of a moving train, tram or other rail transport. This practice is a serious issue because a lot of people doing this practice have been injured or killed. People who practice train surfing consider it as an extreme hobby. Some do it to get a free ride and some just enjoy to ride in comfort when a train is very crowded.





Underwater Hockey

The underwater hockey is also known as the Octopush where two teams of six try to push a puck using a stick into the opposing team’s goal. This sport is played all over the world. However, it’s not quite popular because it involves entirely underwater so it’s not spectator friendly.


Credits to adamlauphoto.com