15 Disturbing Cursed Objects You Didn’t Know Exist

Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

A young girl named, Anna Baker, who came from a rich family fell in love with a low-class iron worker in the mid-1800s. The couple both planned a wedding and Anna bought a dress. When her father knew about their relationship, he forbid the wedding. From that point on, she refused to marry anybody else and spent the rest of her life alone, bitter and angry until her death in 1914. The wedding dress has since been put on display in her old bedroom at the old Baker Mansion. The dress is often observed moving by itself. Some believe that it’s Anna’s spirit inhabiting the dress dancing her wedding dance that she never got to have.



The Basano Vase

An Italian maiden made this carved silver basano vase on her wedding night. That very same night, she was murdered while clutching the vase. After her death, the vase was passed on from family member to family member with each dying an untimely death until eventually the vase was hidden away. In 1988, the vase was found again with a note attached to it that read, “Beware, this vase brings death.’’ The chain of deaths continued with each new owner. It was then offered to a lot of museums but they all refused to take it because the vase is cursed.