12 Things to Consider When Moving to a New Home

Now that packing and transporting all your things from your previous home to your following destination is in place, here are some important reminders once you arrive in your new home.

1. Doorknobs and locks replacement. Safety is our first priority. Once you are in your new home or even before your arrival, have the doorknobs and locks changed. We don’t want any intruder coming in, especially when everyone in the neighborhood is still a stranger to us.

2. Know your community. Say hi to one or two neighbors. It’ll help you settle in with ease as they can help you with certain information from around your area. Take note of the contact details and location of the nearest hospital, police and fire department for emergencies.

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3. House basics. It is vital to have an idea where to locate your house’s water shut off and circuit breakers are. As soon as you arrive, call your utilities provider and check whether there are pending accounts left unpaid by the previous tenants if you are renting a new home.

4. Draw your floor plan. If there is a possibility for you and your family to arrive at your house before all your furniture and equipment arrive, it is best to plan where these will be placed in your home. Draw a floor plan so when the movers arrive, all you have to do is direct them where to leave the things. These will save you enough time and energy.

5. Clean house. The house might be a bit dusty during your arrival, it’s proper to have it spic and span before settling in. Check your water pipes if there are leaks and have the walls repainted in case needed.

6. Take things one day at a time. You and your family may not get things in their proper places all in a day. Don’t stress out. Leave things as they are and pick up from where you left off the next day. A little clutter around the house is not bad. Take a breather at the end of the day. You don’t want to get over fatigued from all the running to and fro—this can end up giving you more delays in enjoying your new home when you get sick. Happy moving!