15 Shocking and Horrifying Parasites You Didn’t Know May Be Inside Your Body


It is a super rare parasite that latches on to a body part, usually the brain and feasts upon it for 20 years with only vague symptoms like headaches or seizures. It is found mostly in Asian regions like Thailand, Japan, China and Korea. It is reported that for the 100 years there have only been around 1000 cases. People can get this by eating undercooked meat from a bird, reptile or other amphibian. You can also get it from contaminated if you wander in those places.



Japanese Lung Fluke

This comes from a parasitic worm known as the fluke. It affects the lungs and also other parts of the body like the brain. It gets around in places like the Philippines, Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia, Africa, South America and even the midwest. Generally, only crayfish and crabs carry the parasite. If you accidentally consume fluke,  you’ll experience stomach pain, coughing and symptoms that will appear similar to bronchitis or tuberculosis.